Monthy Assignments

January: - (Digital) - Vertical vs Horizontal
February: - (B&W Print) - Looking Upwards
March: - (Digital) - Rule of Thirds
April: - (Color Print) - Lion, Tigers & Bears
May: - (Digital) - Low depth of Field
June: - (B&W Print) - Emotion
July: - (Digital) - Back lit
August: - (Color Print) - Red, White and Blue
September: - (Digital) - Complimentary Colors
October: - (B&W Print) - Cemetery
November: - (Digital) - Panning
December: - (Color Print) - Coffee, Tea or Milk

"NOTE" You can submit 4 images total with no more than 2 in a category.

**Digital Category Months**
Photo Journalism

**Print Category Months**
Assigned -
(One month will be assigned color and another assigned B&W so check)
Open Color
Open B&W

Monthly competitions will alternate the type of medium used for the competition- Digital Projected (see digital rules), Prints B&W, and Prints Color.